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Feelings to the making of liquor


"Even as for the liquor in the small cup,
The taste is infinite if full of people's minds to make"

Contemplation to sake

The sake is brought on by a blessing of the sky (weather) and the ground (the U.S. quality), and the thing deciding the taste wants to arouse the delicious liquor of the thing making the liquor! Disposition called this.
I inherit the wonder made with the sake which ancient people arrived at for blood and sweat with a modest feeling and make an effort to have you know the good point of the sake to arouse from the rice which is our staple food, and people of habitual drink of the sake will increase more and more in future and pray for it having possibilities to be said that it is country liquor both in name and in reality.
Utsunomiya brewing
248, Yanagitamachi, Utsunomiya-shi, Tochigi
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